Finals, graduation and all things new.

I promised myself that I would start blogging more after graduation. Here I am. My intentions of this blog are simple:

1) I’ve been meaning to further develop my writing skills and I think that this is the way to go. I dislike formalized writing because of the negative impact that it can really have on one’s creativity.. and because its really difficult for me to focus on something that I have no passion for. Imagine writing a paper about ‘reversal of hox-1 gene subfunctionalization in mice’ or ‘development of histone acetyltransferases.. blah blah.’ I really just want to shoot myself for having dealt with that for four years of my life.

2) Writing is a good outlet for connecting to people that are close to you or once were.  I really want to use this opportunity (the blog) to connect to those who may have an interest in reading. Or even just to stop by and see what’s up in ‘Dan’s life,’ now that hes graduated. I feel like a big part of graduation is moving on with your life, I don’t really know what’s in store for me these next couple of months, and depending on what happens I may lose touch with a lot of people I used to be close with, but hopefully not all of them. I’ve physically disconnected myself from campus life, but emotionally, definitely not gone.

3) I get to talk about the things that I that I want to. Although, that is of course just a bonus to the true intentions of this blog. It will probably seem like the most random blog consisting of pictures, technology, or maybe random thoughts that come about through my daily life. I hope that by next year, I’ve really been able to fine tune my writing skills.

At the same time, I’m planning to build my Web site this summer. If you are already reading this, chances are you probably have already seen it on, my new home page. In hopes of one day becoming a web developer. We’ll see.

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